Educational Youth Advocacy and Engagement

Educational Youth Advocacy and Engagement

Educational youth advocates work in partnership with students and families to facilitate measurable goals based on the four Relational Worldview Model quadrants–mind, body, spirit and context. They help to problem solve life issues, provide homework assistance and long-term mentorship. Strong academic achievement is the overarching goal of the program. Educational youth advocates provide connection to community resources that can benefit the entire family.

Educational Youth Advocates

Our goal is to provide quality case management and advocacy services to youth and families to support students’ successful high school completion. For participating and eligible youth, educational youth advocates can:

  • Attend school meetings with parents
  • Develop and encourage communication and support youth and their families
  • Provide support and work with students on tutoring and homework
  • Provide advocacy and wraparound case management services such as communication, coordination, referral, and follow up with families, schools, and community partners
  • Encourage, develop, and enhance culturally relevant skills, cultural pride, and identity
  • Use an incentive program to foster success, growth, and leadership
  • Connect youth to NAYA’s cultural arts, recreation, afterschool programming, and summer and spring camps programs


  • Portland Public Schools: K-12 Self-identified Native American youth enrolled in the district
  • Successful Families 2020: Self-identified Native youth in grades K-12 attending select schools the Reynolds & David Douglas districts
  • SUN YA: Self-identified Native youth in grades 5-10 attending select schools in the following school districts: PPS, Reynolds, Parkrose, Centennial, David Douglas, & Gresham-Barlow
  • Region 3: Youth in grades 5-10 of any race/ethnic background enrolled in the following David Douglas and Parkrose School Districts: Alice Ott, Cherry Park, Gilbert Heights, Gilbert Park, Parkrose HS, Parkrose MS, Prescott, Sacramento, and Shaver

To determine your eligibility and to connect to a youth advocate, click here for the Initial Assessment & Referral Form.