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Our 42nd Ave and NAYA message to community

Dear Cully Community and Cully Farmers Market Supporters,

After much consideration, Our 42nd Ave and NAYA Family Center (NAYA) have made the difficult decision to close the Cully Farmers Market for the remainder of the 2022 season.

Our 42nd Ave and NAYA have worked hard to support the farmers market and its vendors, especially during the challenge of the pandemic, securing additional resources to support local businesses, and hiring staff and contractors to run the market.

We have worked with vendors, community volunteers, and neighboring businesses to improve participants’ experience, enhance the diversity of performers, and welcome an engaged public. We share in the big aspirations and goals for the market and regret that this vision will be delayed temporarily.

Unfortunately, the actions of a few people have created an unsafe environment for the staff engaged with the market. Our number one priority is to provide a positive, fun, and safe farmer’s market experience for everyone involved.

Our 42nd Ave. and NAYA understand the value this great community asset brings to the residents and businesses in our neighborhood. We are strongly committed to bringing back the farmer’s market next year, provided we can ensure everyone’s safety. We look forward to partnering with our Cully neighbors as we work to make the Cully Farmers Market an inclusive and welcoming space for all.


Edy Martinez, District Manager