Energy Services

Energy Services

NAYA’s Energy Assistance program serves all people living in Multnomah County who qualify for low-income energy assistance. Please read through our frequently asked questions and see the chart to determine if you could qualify. Before your phone appointment with one of our energy assistance specialists, you will need to provide documentation including but not limited to proof of identification, proof of income, and copies of the bills you need help with. Our appointments are currently over the phone due to COVID-19. At this time, we only accept requests for support through our hotline or for clients of NAYA with an official referral. Please check back on this page for updates on when the hotline will open again this coming fall. We suggest you reach out to 211 for information on other ways to receive energy assistance in the meantime.


1. What kinds of energy bills do you help with?

The most common energy bills we help with are Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, Northwest Naturals, Portland Water Bureau, and all other heating and fuel. We only help with energy bills and no other types of assistance. Please see information on housing assistance here.

2. Do you help pay future credits toward energy bills?

No, we can only pay if there is a balance on your account.

3. Can you help pay a bill that I financially contribute to but it’s not in my name?

No, the bill needs to be in the name of the individual we help.

4. Does the following affect my income for the low-income eligibility cap?

(All sources of income require documentation before your appointment with an energy specialist).

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or other pandemic-related unemployment insurances that are added to the base unemployment: Yes, all forms of unemployment count toward income.
  • Child Tax Credit: No, this is treated like a tax return would and is not considered income.
  • Veteran’s Benefits: Yes.
  • Social Security Insurance (SSI): Yes.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Yes.
  • Child Support: Yes.
  • Food Stamps: No.

5. Can you provide services in languages other than English or Spanish?

Unfortunately, no. We only have the capacity to offer services in English and Spanish right now. Please call 211 to find services where they can provide a translator to better assist you, if you need assistance in another language other than English or Spanish.

6. How does the NAYA energy team determine income eligibility?

We use something called the 60% of State Median Income by Household Size For Use in Federal Fiscal Year 2021/Estimated State Median by Household Size – Source HHS.

7. Based on my household’s monthly gross income, do I qualify for services?

Please check the below chart for income eligibility.

1 $2,317.15
2 $3,030.10
3 $3,743.05
4 $4,456.00
5 $5,169.00
6 $5,882.00
7 $6,015.67
8 $6,149.30