Executive Director

Paul Lumley

Executive Director

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Paul Lumley

Executive Director

Paul Lumley is the Executive Director for the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) and is a citizen of the Yakama Nation. He came to NAYA in 2016 after being the Executive Director of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) since 2009. Mr. Lumley served as Executive Director of the National American Indian Housing Council in Washington DC from 2007 to 2009. While also in DC, Paul Lumley served as the Senior Tribal Liaison for the U.S. Department of Defense from 2004-2007. From 1987 to 2004, Mr. Lumley served under several capacities at CRITFC.

Mr. Lumley has a wide-ranging background on issues that directly impact American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Mr. Lumley has worked directly with tribal governments, tribal consortia, virtually all federal agencies impacting Indian country, and Native American national and regional organizations throughout his professional career. Experience areas include tribal treaty rights, environmental protection and restoration, housing, defense, education and social services. Mr. Lumley has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Western Washington University in 1986. His full legal name is Babtist Paul Lumley III.

Department Directors

Oscar Arana

Director of Community Development

503.288.8177 ext. 210

Chip Burczak

Director of Finance and Operations

503.288.8177 ext 222

Tamara Henderson

Director of Youth and Education Services

503.288.8177 ext. 296

Lisa Otero

Early College Academy Principal

503.288.8177 ext. 258

Tawna Sanchez

Director of Family Services

503.288.8177 ext. 209

Ann Takamoto

Director of Development

503.288.8177 ext. 206

Administrative Staff

Sarah Feldman

Data & Evaluation Administrator

503.288.8177 ext. 292

Kaelyn Rushforth

Executive Assistant/Community Reception Manager

503.288.8177 ext 286

Nykke Straws

Human Resources Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 304

Sharon Williams

Community Reception Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 357

Early College Academy

Lisa Otero

Early College Academy Principal
503.288.8177 ext. 258

Kristy Cordero

ECA Teacher

503.288.1260, Extension 265

Rosemary Donnelly

Early College Academy Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 255

Laura Payne

ECA Teacher


Mare Ramirez

ECA Spanish Instructor

503.288.8177 ext. 325

Ben Taylor

ECA Teacher


Ezra Whitman

Language Arts Teacher


Family Services

Tawna Sanchez

Director of Family Services
503.288.8177 ext. 209

Nidal Andrews

Healing Circle Advocate

Cindy Burns

Healing Circle Community Advocate


Julia Dressler

Pathways to Adulthood ILP Program Coordinator

(503) 288-8177 ext. 261

Abby Gassama

Healing Circle Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 219

Lawrence Macy

Elder's Advocate

503.288.8177 ext. 309

Rachel Nathanson

Healing Circle Housing Advocate

Monique Novelo-Lopez

Community Education Worker


Chantel Pewewardy

Foster Care Support Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 348

Andrea Robideau

Foster Care Support Specialist


Winter Rose

Parent Support Specialist


Jennifer Scheib

Parent Support Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 282

Brandi Starbird

Parent-Child Support Specialist


Barbara Wolfe

Healing Circle Advocate - Gateway

503.288.8177 ext. 248


Youth and Education Services

Tamara Henderson

Director of Youth and Education Services
503.288.8177 ext. 296

Evelyn Aguilar

Youth Advocacy Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 329

Temo Alvarado

Gang Intervention Outreach Coordinator


Kandel Ashley

Gang Outreach Intervention Specialist

(971) 313-1898

Jennifer Brixey

Community Health Worker

503.288.8177 ext. 316

Jay Cacka

Alcohol and Drug Specialist

503.288.8177 ext.217

Allyssa Casad

Direct Services Manager

503.288.8177 ext 227

Jordan Dube

Youth Advocate

Juniper Dyer

Youth Development Advocate

503-288-8177 ext 276

Riley Fishburn

Youth Development Advocate

503.288.8177 ext. 208

Daniel Guilfoyle

Youth Advocacy Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 256

Sage Hatch

Youth Career Skills Coach

Anna Hoffer

Youth Advocate

503.288.8177 ext 220


Micah Johnson

Recreation Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 216

Brandon Jones

Gang Outreach Intervention Specialist


Morgan Joyner

Youth Advocate

503.288.8177 ext. 244

Andrea Lilly

Youth Advocate

Renea Menchaca

Cultural Arts Advocate

503.288.8177 ext. 221

Sabrina Mercedes

Midtown DV Advocate

(503) 288-8177

William Miller

Health Equity Program Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 306

Erik Ramone

Youth Advocate


LaTisha Rico

College Preparation Coach


Mick Rose

Culture, Education, and Wellness Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 212

Elora Silverwhip

YES Support Staff


Nicholas Taul

Youth Mentor

Michaila Taylor

Cultural Arts Coordinator

Tre Vance

Learning Center Coordinator

Naduah Wheeler

Youth Development Advocate

Davineekaht White Elk

Youth Advocate

Alicia Whitley

Youth Advocate

503.288.8177 ext. 232

Keri Wilborn

Parent Involvement Advocate

Becca Wolf

College Preparation Coach

503.288.8177 ext. 307

Community Development

Oscar Arana

Director of Community Development
503-288-8177 ext. 210

Gwen Allen

Client Services Specialist

503-288-8177 ext 211

Roxanne Beveridge

Client Services Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 229

Delores Burgos

Housing to Homeownership Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 235

Angela Dave

Workforce Specialist

Rebecca Descombes

Community Adocacy Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext 297

Matthew Faunt

Cully Business Development Coordinator

Tyreesha Garrett

Energy Assistance Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 303

Brent Lee

Business Service Coordinator - Community Works Project


Cecelia Lente

IDA Program Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 351

Daniela Macias

Homeownership Program Administrative Specialist

503.288.8177 x 273

Kaeti Namba

Program Improvement Specialist

(503) 288-8177, x284

Barry Reardon

Home Repair Program Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 289

Eron Riddle

Cully Boulevard Alliance District Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 226

Kevin Sheehan

Homeownership Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 223

Yareli Silva-Hernandez

Energy Assistant Specialist


Mandi Smith

Housing and Energy Support Specialist

Amanda Stubits

Business Development Coordinator

503-288-8177 ext 319

Shantel Tapia-Grey

Career Skills and Life Coach

503.288.8177 ext 332

Morgan Valentine

Lead Client Services Specialist

(503) 288-8177, ext 332

Santiago Vazquez

Micro-Enterprise Coach

503.288.8177 ext. 280

Sky Waters

Community Prosperity Manager

503.288.8177, ext. 259

Development and Communications

Ann Takamoto

Director of Development
503.288.8177 ext. 206

Nicole Adams

Communications Manager

503.288.8177 ext 299

Vawn Jason Borges

Development Events Manager

503-288-8177 ext 277

Christine Dupres

Major Gifts Officer

503.288.8177 ext. 288

Ash Elverfeld

Development Data Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 295

Finance and Operations

Chip Burczak

Director of Finance and Operations
503-288-8177, ext 222

Laura Booth

Kitchen Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 207

Jan Croeni

Contract Compliance Officer

503.288.8177 ext. 238

Ted Fry

Technical Support Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 228

Jana Gibson

Accounting and Contracts Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 298

Darla Hilmoe

Operations Manager

503.288.8177 ext. 272

Karol Johnson

Accounts Payable Coordinator

503.288.8177 ext. 328

Irene Prasad

Lead Kitchen Assistant


Larry Rank

Technical Support Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 312

Sofya Rozhkova


Kim Schettig

Payroll and Accounting Specialist

503.288.8177 ext. 260

Albert Scott

Maintenance Tech

503.288.8177 ext. 264