While we can’t meet in person for the 2021 Housing to Homeownership Fair, NAYA is delighted to share the full schedule of virtual programming. All are welcome!

NAYA Housing to Homeownership Fair 2021 Schedule

March 6
10 am – Achieving Homeownership with Kevin Sheehan from NAYA
A short workshop on the basics of buying a home and how to work with NAYA to do so.

2 pm – Crafting Green Cleaning Products with Jennie Brixey from NAYA
A workshop and how to use safe ingredients to make household cleaners to better assist the environment and save money

March 13
10 am – Avoiding Foreclosure during the Pandemic with Fernando Velez from DCBS
A workshop on how foreclosure works in Oregon, and programs and strategies for avoiding it during the pandemic

2 pm -Financial Wellness with Mary Vasquez from PWCU
A workshop on understanding financial basics to help provide guidance on financial best practices

March 20
10 am – Understanding Renters Rights with Garret Wright and his team from LASO
A workshop on some of the recent legal changes for renters and how renters are affected during the Pandemic

2 pm – Business Tips during the Pandemic – Santiago Vazquez from NAYA
A workshop on how the Pandemic is affecting local businesses, and strategies on how to navigate some of these difficulties

March 27
10am – Achieving Homeownership with Daniela Macias from NAYA
A workshop on the process of purchasing a home and how to work with NAYA to do so

2pm – Basic Home Repair Tips with Ken Giblin from Ken’s Eagle Eye Inspections
A workshop demonstrating some basic home repair tips you can use to stay safe and save money while keeping your home in good condition

Check the NAYA events calendar for other upcoming orientation and workshops.

Owning your own home can move from a dream to a reality—and NAYA can help. Our Homeownership Program provides culturally specific homeownership coaching, education, and programming that will help you plan to buy, and plan to keep, your home. Our program works to increase homeownership opportunities for Portland’s urban Native community and close the Native homeownership gap. All of our services are free and we are an equal housing opportunity provider.

Please take a moment to view “Sharing Our Stories of Home”, a four-minute video in which NAYA Family Center community elders share their desire for younger generations to pursue homeownership.

Thank you to the elders, Portland Youth and Elders Council, NeighborWorks and NAYA staff. We want to thank Wisdom of the Elders for the filming and editing of the video. The project funding came from the Minority Homeownership Assistance Collaborative and the Portland Housing Bureau.

The Homeownership Program is supported by the Portland Housing Bureau, Oregon Housing And Community Services, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

NAYA is a HUD-approved counseling agency. The Homeownership Program offers an orientation to learn about all of our services. Please click here for more information about the orientation.