Mamook Tokatee

Mamook Tokatee

Pre-applications are currently being accepted.  Interested parties will be contacted in August/September based on their pre-application.  Find the form here: Mamook Tokatee – Leasing Pre-application Form

Return your form and or send your questions to:

For more information about leasing and eligibility, please watch the video below.

Mamook Tokatee is NAYA’s second affordable housing project in the Cully Neighborhood. Cully is one of Portland’s most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods; it has also seen significant change in the last decade, putting it at high risk for the displacement of low-income households.

Mamook Tokatee translates from the Chinook Wawa phrase for “make beautiful,” a fitting name for the development that will provide housing, studio, and display space for members of Portland’s dynamic Native American artist community. Together with our partners, we are constructing a vibrant community-oriented building that celebrates Native American culture through art and provides ample space for community programs and art creation.

Native artists are revered as culture keepers in tribal communities. By providing affordable housing and workspace for Native Americans and artists, Mamook Totakee will help ensure that Native culture remains ever-present in Portland.


Unit Type Units Available Monthly rent: based on combined income restrictions Maximum Number of Residents
TOTAL 56 30% 50% 60%
Studios 6 $475 2
1BDR 33 $504 $866 $1042 3
2BDR 7 $601 $1254 5
3BDR 10 $685 $1614 7

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Native American Youth and Family Center

Founded by the community, for the community, NAYA is a family of numerous tribes and voices who are rooted in sustaining tradition and building cultural wealth. We provide culturally-specific programs and services that guide our people in the direction of personal success and balance through cultural empowerment. Our mission is to enhance the diverse strengths of our youth and families in partnership with the community through cultural identity and education.

Siletz Tribe

A group of many tribes and bands, each with its own language, territory, and customs became the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians in the mid-1800s. The Siletz Tribe offers many programs and services to tribal members, including housing, education, health, and social and employment services. Culture and language classes also are available in all areas in which the tribe has offices, including Siletz, Portland, Salem and Eugene.

Community Development Partners

Founded in 2011, Community Development Partners develops and operates sustainable, life-enhancing affordable housing with a focus on long term community engagement and innovative design. The company’s mission is to repair and strengthen the fabric of cities and towns by meeting the housing needs of local citizens through the thoughtful planning and creative development of sustainable, affordable communities.


Financing is provided from:

  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Equity (9%) provided by National Equity Fund
  • Construction Loan provided by Capital One
  • Permanent Loan provided by NOAH
  • GHAP Loan provided by OHCS
  • Indian Housing Block Grant funds provided by the Confederated Tribe of Siletz Indians
  • Transit Oriented Development Grant provided by METRO
  • Grant funds provided by OHCS Multi-Family Energy Program
  • Pacific Power Blue Sky funded rooftop solar electric power