Business Training Classes

Business Training Classes

Gain valuable business acumen in a supportive cohort of fellow Native Entrepreneurs. All classes will be held at NAYA Family Center on Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Orientation: Thursday, October 4, 2018
Classes begin: Thursday, October 11, 2018
Graduation: Thursday, December 13, 2018

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The ONE Program

For business training classes, NAYA enhances the cohort experience with the ONE Program a web-based business training curriculum created by Natives, for Natives. Developed by the Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC), the ONE Program helps to ensure that all Native American Oregonians have access to business development programming.

How the One Program Works

Native Led, Story Driven. Nine modules cover a range of topics including self-discovery, mission creation, marketing, messaging, money managing, growth and much more. Each module features a video highlighting a Native entrepreneur doing business here in Oregon. Sharing their stories, they offer personal and professional insights into the work of launching and running a company.

The ONE Program curriculum includes the following topics:
My Mission: Course Intro, When You are Your Business, When You are Not Your Business, the Benefits of Your Business
My Market: Measuring your Mission, Who is in your Market, Learning from the Competition, and Reaching your Market
Making Money: Sales Channels and Product Pricing, Overhead vs Production Costs, Developing Unit Costs
Managing Money: Budgeting, Mental Math for Monitoring Money, Cash Flow
Managing & Monitoring: Being Your Own COO; Goals, Milestones and Measurement; Monitoring Workflow
Media & Messaging: Your Brand Plan, Messaging for Different Markets, Content that Attracts and Connects
My Mentors, My Team: What Help You’ll Need; How to Find Help; Mentors, Advisors and Your Team
Money to Grow: Funding Needs, Assess your Resources, Types and Sources of Capital, Asking for Money

Learning Cohorts

The ten week course includes invaluable gatherings at NAYA Family Center, where you’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow together with a community of entrepreneurs, building bonds and providing peer support. Supplementing the online curriculum, your NAYA Microenterprise Coach will provide you with advice, resources and partner support.