The Native American Youth & Family Center is providing culturally-specific KEEP groups to the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and tribally-certified foster and kinship families. 

KEEP is an evidence based support and skill enhancement program for foster and kinship parents. The program supports foster families by promoting child wellbeing and preventing placement breakdowns.

The program is for families providing care for children ages 2–18. Visit Keep for Families for more information. 

What is a KEEP group?

  • KEEP is free!
  • 7–12 foster/kinship parents, 2 trained group leaders
  • 16 weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • KEEP is available via videoconference
  • KEEP is a support group, not a class!

For participating you will get: 

  • $25 per household for each session attended
  • Evidence-based parenting tools you can use today
  • Up to 24 foster and kinship parent training hours
  • Connections with other foster/kinship families

NAYA’s Foster Care Services provides support and resources to families. We do not provide legal advice.