Sunrise EAST

Sunrise EAST

Sunrise EAST Work Readiness Training Updates: 
-Our workshop/training schedule has changed!  Classes will now be happening on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays from 1:00-4:00 PM! (in three week increments)
-The next cohort will be starting on Monday, October 19th… so if you have any young people (16-24) interested in participating, please connect them to us NEXT WEEK (preferably at an orientation, but we may  be able to schedule one-on-one time).
-We will have TWO orientations next week!  Our regularly scheduled Thursday time frame (4:00 PM) AND a second one on Wednesday at 4:00 PM!

With the help of the Sunrise EAST program I was able to learn skills necessary for me to gain full employment.   – Gary, Grand Ronde,  2011-2014

Sunrise EAST (Education and Skills Training) is an education and career focused program that can help you gain the skills, training, and knowledge to reach your goals! Designed for Native American youth, this program provides culturally-specific services and activities for income-eligible young people ages 16-24 from Multnomah and Washington Counties.

Once in Sunrise EAST, you are able to receive program services for up to 3 years, covering everything from work readiness training, one-on-one coaching, internship and work experience opportunities, assistance accessing credential programs and post-secondary education, and more! Not to mention some super sweet incentives!

Benefits of Sunrise EAST include:  PAID Internship$, Credentials and Certificates, Resume and Cover Letter Assistance, Job Interview Skill Building, College Visits and tours, Scholarship and Financial Aid Assistance, Career Coaching and Goal Planning, Financial Supports and Incentives, and MUCH more!

Sunrise EAST is a funded by WorkSystems, Inc and is a part of the Career Connect Network, to learn more click here

Program Eligibility Includes:

  • See Criteria on right:
  • Low-income guidelines (see page 2)
  • Experience one or more of the following employment challenges:
    • At-risk of dropping out of high school
    • One or more grade levels behind
    • High school drop out
    • Disabled
    • Foster Care
    • Gang involved/affected
    • Homeless
    • Limited English proficient
    • Pregnant or parenting
    • Runaway
    • Juvenile Justice involved


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