NAYA Center shut down until July 29

The NAYA Family Center campus will be closed to all essential staff that had been reporting to work until Wednesday, July 29, 2020. One of our essential staff has tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, NAYA developed a plan for such an incident months ago, and implementation of that plan is underway. The center is undergoing deep cleaning and contact tracing among staff has been completed.

What this means:

  1. Food box delivery is cancelled for tomorrow, Friday, July 24 and Tuesday, July 28. We deeply apologize for any hardship caused by this.
  2. The NAYA Elders Advocate will be in touch with elders regarding services to them specifically.
  3. The staff person who tested positive had no contact with clients. They are self-quarantining.
  4. Food box delivery will resume Friday, July 31, 2020.

Again, we are sorry for the disruption that this causes for our families. While this incident is unfortunate, we are grateful to have prepared for it with a plan to act immediately and decisively in the best interest of our staff and community members.

Finally, we want to share this link to OHA’s testing site locator. To find a COVID-19 testing site near you, simply enter in your zip code.

Be safe and healthy.