NAYA Board Commits to Two-Spirit Community

NAYA Board Commits to Two-Spirit Community

NAYA Statement of Intention in Commemoration of Pride Month 2020

At the request of our Board of Directors—and in commemoration of Pride Month 2020—NAYA is honored to issue this statement of support and solidarity with our Two-Spirit community. Recognizing that the work to expand and improve our service to the Two-Spirit community continues far beyond one month of each year, NAYA is working closely with our board and community to establish a 2020 plan of actionable steps we will take to:

  • establish a more intentional program at NAYA
  • lift up this work more visibly
  • offer the kind of honor and respect that our community’s Two-Spirits need

Indigenous people long held great reverence for Two-Spirit people, and it’s in carrying on these traditional ways that NAYA has endeavored to make our center a home for the Two-Spirit members of our community.

Still, we recognize that there is always room to learn and improve. We shall revisit the design and use of our campus to ensure it adheres to our commitment to be safe, inviting, and comfortable for all. Similarly, we shall re-evaluate our policies and programs to ensure they meet the specific needs of the Two-Spirit community, particularly those with urgent needs. NAYA will also work with government agencies and non-profit organizations to promote collaboration and accountability.

“I am heartened that this request has come from our board and from the community and staff members I have heard from recently,” said NAYA Executive Paul Lumley. “I grew up in an era where such advancements seemed like an impossible dream. Now NAYA has the opportunity to lead this work, and I am excited to see where it will take us.”