Generations Needs You

Generations Needs You

In a decision that could potentially unravel three years of partnership and planning, Portland Public Schools’ Board of Directors at Tuesday night’s meeting failed to support Generations. The final decision to delay was over PPS’ contribution of $70,000 to the project. Generations is a NAYA-led intervention to stabilize the lives of Native American youth and families in a holistic, community-based way. As we push for the Board to reconsider their decision, we need supporters like you to help us. We need you to tell the board that this project can’t wait. We need you to show up and advocate. And right now, we need you to give. We want to raise that $70,000 and show the PPS board that our community supports Generations.

Will you donate $20 today to show support? If everyone receiving this made a gift of $20 today, we’d blow past this goal almost immediately. If you support Generations, we need you to give now to prove to directors Regan and Koehler that the community is behind this project.

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Portland’s Native students are perpetually under-served. 53% of Native students in Portland Public Schools do not obtain a diploma, and some estimates say that every youth without a high school education costs up to $300,000 to the US taxpayer over their lifetime. At Generations, an on-site Long House community center will provide culturally-specific educational and economic supports, and a regional Early Learning Academy will offer early education for ages zero  through Kindergarten, improving our community’s access to this vital resource. The fiscally-responsible decision is for our community to receive the supports necessary to get our youth back on track, saving countless dollars to the social safety net.

Please give to help make this vision a reality. Thank you.