A Memorable Year Ends

A Memorable Year Ends

ʔu gʷlapu, haʔɫ syaʔyaʔ (Hello, good friend)

2014 is coming to a close, and we want to thank our community for making our 40th year of service one of the most successful in our history. Our people have come together since time immemorial to identify and advance our priorities. No matter the issue we face, community and culture remain the most effective solution. We provide a wide range of direct services, while remembering the importance of tradition and ceremony. We open our gatherings in prayer. We learn and teach Native values, languages and arts. We celebrate our Elders, honor our veterans, and sustain the rich cultural traditions of the hundreds of unique tribes whose descendants gather with us each year.

Will you donate to help us reach our year-end goal?

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you for being a part of this community. You have a place among the family and friends that drive the Native American Youth and Family Center. Thank you for attending and sponsoring our events, accessing our services, sharing your stories and traditions, reading our emails, liking us on Facebook and following us on twitter and Instagram, subscribing to our newsletter, volunteering your time, and supporting our work through tax-deductible contributions.

NAYA wouldn’t be a nationally-recognized leader in service to urban Indian people without you. Thank you for everything you did for our community in 2014. Next year, we hope you’ll recommit to helping us fulfill our mission, and move our people on the path to health, prosperity and balance. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

ʔut’igʷicid čəɫ. (We thank you.)






Matthew Morton, Squaxin Island

Executive Director, Native American Youth and Family Center