Portland Youth & Elders Council

Portland Youth & Elders Council

Portland Youth and Elders Council (PYEC) is a grassroots advocacy group housed at NAYA Family Center. PYEC open to everyone interested in building a strong civic connection with the local Native American community.


PYEC began as part of a regional effort to reduce poverty in urban Indian communities, to develop greater community ties and advocate for improving the quality of life for Native American and Alaska Natives in urban areas. Today, PYEC continues to use community-based research and inclusive community input to provide community members with the opportunity to stay involved and informed about issues that directly impact them. PYEC gives Native youth and elders an opportunity to have their voices heard through safe and meaningful dialogues.


Strengthen the quality of life for the Native American and Alaskan Native community through the practice of cultural values and traditions by encouraging civic participation in political and non-political actions which help to protect our community and guide systems changes.


Unity: Bring Native American community, families, and organizations together

Cross-Generational Conversation: Strengthen ties between youth, adults, and elders

Advocacy: Make Native American issues a priority in our community

Learning: Share and pass on tradition and history



Meetings are held quarterly on the 3rd Monday of every February, May, August, and November.