NAYA’s LEAD Program Welcomes 10th Cohort

A decade ago, NAYA embarked on a journey to build a stronger network of Native leaders through an initiative called the Oregon LEAD Program. A nationwide effort developed by a coalition of nonprofits and the First Nations Development Institute, LEAD (Leadership and Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Development) works to build cross-cultural empowerment and leadership. In 2012, OregonView Article >

Calling Washington County Native Americans for September 30 Focus Group

In 2010 NAYA participated in a research project conducted by the Coalition of Communities of Color. This project produced the report many are familiar with called Native Americans in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile. Our community has been using the data contained in this report to advocate for positive change. Participants in the Portland Indian LeadersView Article >

Oregon LEAD Builds Power in Native Community

For almost 10 years, NAYA’s Oregon LEAD Program has evolved as a staple for building Native leadership in the Portland Metro Area and across Oregon’s tribal communities. Originally, as a part of the First Nations Development Institute, LEAD stood for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Development. At that time, LEAD focused primarily on Native non-profit managementView Article >

Save Oregon Senate Bill 13- Tribal Literacy

Your voice is urgently needed: Senate Bill 13, Tribal Literacy (SB 13) is languishing in committee. Take action today to encourage lawmakers to give SB 13 the hearing it deserves. SB 13 directs the Department of Education to develop curriculum relating to Native American experience in Oregon and to provide professional development related to curriculum.View Article >

NAYA Campus Soil Test Reveals a Safe Environment

Recently our organization tested the campus soil for heavy metals and contaminants, see test results and a message from our Executive Director below. Thirteen metal contaminants were tested and the results do not indicate a need for cleanup or further protections.   We’d like to thank NAYA Environmental Safety Team (NEST) and the Apex Labs for theirView Article >

NAYA Basketball Newsflash!

The NAYA basketball teams are heading into their last week of the regular season before the tournament March 18/19.   Highlights from the last two weeks include the 4th grade girls winning their sixth game in row, and the 7th grade girls playing a game with only five players and winning with one player scoring 17. View Article >

Generations, ECA Luncheon and Legislative Day of Action

Home at Last for Foster Families and Elders The Generations Grand Opening February 28th was an inspirational moment for our community. Generations forty unit housing development in the Lents neighborhood  provides affordable, inter-generational housing for foster youth and Elders, like resident Carla Daniels, who shared her story with us. Carla raised her seven children in a home smaller than her new unit, and she shed tears several times thinking of her excitement about being able to connect culturally with neighbors andView Article >


Recently our organization tested the campus air for radon levels, see test results and a message from our Executive Director below. We are happy to report that the radon levels are far below the EPA safety standard limits.  We’d like to thank NAYA Environmental Safety Team (NEST) and the PBS Engineering and Environmental Company for theirView Article >

TANF Advocacy Training in preparation for NAYA’s Legislative Day of Action

On the evening of Tuesday, January 22nd NAYA hosted a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Advocacy Training- a collaboration with Urban League Black Parent Initiative and Central City Concern. The purpose of this training was to inform community of possible ways to present their concerns and advocate for programs and bills at the legislative level. This training cameView Article >

Tamara Henderson, Director of Youth and Education Services

Greetings NAYA Family, We have some wonderful news to share with you this afternoon. Tamara Henderson, Laguna Pueblo, has accepted the position of NAYA’s Director of Youth and Education Services. As the College and Career Readiness Manager and a NAYA employee for nearly six years, Tamara has been a tireless pillar of many Youth Education ServicesView Article >