NAYA 2022 Year in Review

NAYA 2022 Year in Review

Return to Community

NAYA serves a large and diverse Native American community–60,000 people representing more than 380 tribes. Each member of our community has a unique pathway to thrive and prosper, and NAYA is dedicated to be in service to all. Here’s a look back at some of our acheivements of the past year:


During the pandemic, the critical wraparound services that NAYA provides to community members each day was delivered virtually. Now, as we return to our campus and welcome community back, we have much to be thankful for.

TOGETHER, since closing our campus in March 2020, we continue to provide our community the essential support when they need it the most, ensuring that our youth and families:

  • Stay healthy and safe by providing meal delivery and food boxes, offering COVID testing and vaccines to our community and staff, and uplifting our foster care youth and families
  • Have a place to call home by helping 29 families purchase their first homes during the pandemic, and bringing 160 new units of affordable housing in three new developments within 1 mile of our campus in NE Portland
  • Pursue education at all ages with early head start and early childhood programs, celebrating 28 seniors graduating during the pandemic, and connecting youth with their dreams beyond high school at college and career nights
  • Find their paths to prosperity with microenterprise programs, small business investments, financial wellness and IDA opportunities
  • Engage courageously in civic discourse by uplifting leadership, expanding our outreach to SW Washington, and getting out the Native Vote

And finally, welcoming them back to NAYA as we return to community and safely re-open our campus, continue our place-based investments as we upgrade and repair our buildings, indigenize and decolonize our land at Neerchokikoo and create the most amazing community garden with a year-round promise of beautiful produce, traditional medicines, and a grounding connection that will sustain us for generations to come.

We could not do all this without your support. TOGETHER, we make a difference for Portland’s Native community. Thank you for investing in NAYA and our wonderful “Return to Community.”