NAYA Community Development Staff Visits LEAD Conference

Mystic Lake Casino First Nations LEAD conferenceThe LEAD Institute Conference is a major component of First Nation’s innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Development fellowship program, which is designed to provide training, mentorship and networking opportunities to emerging and existing Native American nonprofit professionals. The conference focused on three of First Nations’ program areas: asset-building strategies in Native communities, nonprofit capacity development and Native food systems.  NAYA’s Career Skills Development coach Natalie Mitchell, MSW  attended the Financial Capability Pre-conference session and listening session with the Northwest Area Foundation to highlight successful financial education programs.  The conference was sponsored by Comcast NBC Universal, WK Kellogg Foundation, Kalliopeia Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, Northwest Area Foundation, CHS Foundation and Ogallala Commons. Natalie was invited because of a grant that NAYA received in partnership with the Gates Foundation which will help to bring financial literacy to Early College Academy youth and much more.  It was held at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake Minnesota. Also in attendance were NAYA staff Mike Rasmussen and Ryan Parker.

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