Tutoring and Learning Center

Tutoring and Learning Center

Youth receive educational and one-on-one tutoring services by participating in our Learning Center and High School Tutoring Program. After school tutoring is available Mondays through Thursdays from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Youth advocates, college-level volunteers, and community members help student get their homework done or any school-related projects. Volunteers also tutor students who may be struggling is a specific subject area. Dinner is served each afternoon.

Students who regularly participate in tutoring services are eligible to participate in fun field trips, including attending Blazer games, rafting and kayaking trips, movies, Oaks Park, and others.


Transportation is available on a limited basis for middle school and grade school students along our transportation route.

Eligible youth in grade school and middle school are picked up from their schools and transported to NAYA Family Center to participate in the Learning Center or recreational or cultural arts opportunities, one to two days a week during the school year. Youth that are unable to be picked up by parents or guardians will then be transported home at 6:00 pm. Limited bus tickets are available to middle school and high school youth.