MNA Enrollment

MNA Enrollment

NAYA’s Many Nations Academy (formerly known as the NAYA Early College Academy) is now accepting applications. Any 9th-12th grader who seeks a relevant, student-centered learning environment with a blended high school and college- and career-readiness curriculum can apply today to enroll for the current school year.

How to Enroll

Mandatory Registration Sessions for all students (new & returning)
Choose ONE session to attend with a parent or guardian:

  • Wednesday, August 28th 9:00 am-4:00 pm (drop in at any time)
  • Thursday, August 29th, 4:30 pm-6:30 pm (BBQ Cookout)

At the session, you will be asked to fill out our school applicaDon and provide TWO
original documents that show proof of residency in the district.
Be sure to BRING these TWO documents with you to the meeDng. They must be
dated within the last 30 days and reflect the home address of the parent/
guardian and student. We will make copies for your school file and give back the
original to families.

The following are acceptable proofs of residency:

  • Financial documents (bank statement, credit card bill, pay stub)
  • Utility bills (phone, electric, natural gas, water)
  • Government documents (Social Security, unemployment insurance, WIC, Oregon
    Health Plan) We cannot accept driver’s license as proof of residency
  • Insurance (home, rental, health, or car)
  • Real estate documents (mortgage, rental, lease agreement)
  • Note: A driver’s license is not an acceptable proof of residency