Early College Academy

Early College Academy


The NAYA Early College Academy is committed to creating a positive education that emphasizes student empowerment and academic excellence. We value the integrity of core American Indian and Alaska Native values in partnership with parents, families, elders, and community members.

The Need

Native American students have the lowest graduation rates of all minorities in Portland with a 29% four-year cohort graduation rate.  Additionally, our students are overrepresented in behavioral issues that lead to more suspensions and expulsions, and are often singled out for cultural differences that are not represented in mainstream curriculum.

Addressing the Need

In 2007, NAYA responded to community feedback concerning the low graduation rates of our Native American/Alaska Native youth.  With the guidance of our Elders, community members, parents and families, NAYA created a culturally-specific curriculum for students who need the extra supports to graduate with a high school diploma.


How We Are Doing It

 NAYA brings the community together to encourage continued successes for our culturally focused classes (such as cultural arts), smaller class sizes, and rigorous academics that help students earn a diploma. Each year since our first graduating class, NAYA’s ECA has graduated more student than the previous year, additionally, we are proud of the retention rate and commitment our students make to graduating.   

About the program

The NAYA Early College Academy nourishes a hands-on, culturally relevant, student-centered learning environment. The Academy offers a blended high school and post-secondary curriculum for 9th to 12th graders aged 14 to 20. Small class sizes encourage individualized educational options for each student. Academic programming integrates local Native culture, family and community outreach, and partnerships with Portland Community College and other postsecondary institutions. The Early College Academy is open to children from all backgrounds, Native and non-Native alike.

The Academy serves the following school districts: (If you’re outside of the Portland Public School district, please check in with your school district before the enrollment session).

  • Portland Public
  • Gresham Barlow

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call 503-972-2461 or email ECAinfo@nayapdx.org

ECA Scholarship Fund

Financial hardship is often cited as the reason why Native students do not enter college even when they are accepted. Also, financial hardship can cause students to drop out once they have enrolled. The Early College Academy Scholarship Fund allows students to concentrate on their education, free of financial worries. You can help our students’ achieve their educational goals with a donation today.

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