2020 Recap

Celebrating Our Students

Thank you for joining us this past month as we Celebrated our Students, and the work of our Many Nations Academy! With your help, we MADE OUR GOAL of raising $80,000 for the culturally-specific programming that helps our students thrive.

While nothing takes the place of gathering in person, our first-ever virtual luncheon was an inspiring way to end our month-long celebration of NAYA’s Many Nations Academy. For those that weren’t able to join us, here is a look at our virtual luncheon, featuring a special performance by The Sacred Poets:

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared stories and celebrated the accomplishments of the inspiring students and dedicated staff who make our high school the special place it is. As we wrap up our month long celebration of the Many Nations Academy, here’s a final word from Principal Lisa Otero:

Meet Ei-Shah, MNA Sophomore:

Meet Adrean, Former MNA Student, Current NAYA Staff:

Meet Nina, MNA Teacher:

Teachers like Nina know that our students lead full, complex, and challenging lives, and that their success depends upon her ability to work with them to develop academic plans that take this and other factors in our students’ lives into account.

Meet Leya, MNA Junior:

“When I came to Many Nations Academy, my goal was just to get passing grades. Then it changed. I was able to make them into A’s. Then my goal was to have all A’s in my classes and do my best and put all my effort into my classes.”

Meet Amanda, MNA Senior:

“You feel important when you go to MNA unlike other schools because there’s not that many students and you can really bond well with everybody there. It feels more like a family than a school. It just makes you feel like you’re going somewhere important every day and not just going to get your work done.”

Meet MNA Prinicipal, Lisa Otero:

“Education at Many Nations Academy has a ripple effect. It doesn’t just improve each student’s individual life. The ripples go out into their families. They go out into their community. The ripples then reach out into Portland as a whole.”
–Lisa Otero, Principal

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