Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable (PILR)

Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable (PILR)

Portland Indian Leaders’ Roundtable

The leaders and representatives of 24 Native agencies gathered to create a story in common about the Native people of Portland, Oregon. In July 2007, 18 representatives met to talk about the severe under-counting of the Native population and how this created a level of invisibility in the Native community. For example, the lack of knowledge about the Native community and inaccurate demographic information can lead to inequitable funding. In addition to this challenge, the group knew that Native organizations in Portland often use different demographic data sets. Although this is often necessary, it only adds to an already complicated issue.

After a year of discussions and focused group work, the group formalized into the Portland Indian Leaders’ Roundtable (PILR). PILR created a document, Making the Invisible Visible, describing the Portland Native community, designed to educate key audiences to the concerns that the Native people of Portland share.

PILR worked together to update the document in 2017 and present Leading with Tradition to continue to educate the extended community about our presence.

The Portland Indian Leaders Roundtable is a partnership among 30 organizations, tribes and tribal programs in the region who serve, advocate for, and work within the Native community. The primary mission of PILR is to support Portland’s Native American community.