Survey Results

Survey Results

Our Community Has the Answers

In January 2015, community members shared their thoughts on the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of Portland’s Native urban community.

Your cultural and personal experience is valuable input, and we need it to inform NAYA’s priorities. We know program innovation and services are strongest when the community provides the solutions.

Community, culture, and cultural-identity were continuously identified as the greatest strengths of Portland’s Native community. The hopes and dreams for the community include themes around a thriving and strengthened community, culture, education, and sustainability.

Education was identified as one the greatest challenges facing our community. Many voices expressed the need to prepare our youth with educational services, leadership opportunities, and post-secondary education.

Thank you to the more than 150 community members who participated in the Community Strengths and Challenges survey. The survey was the first of several opportunities for community to provide input as NAYA begins planning the 2016-2019 Strategic Longhouse. Survey participants primarily self-identified as Native American/Alaska Native (77%), were mostly female adults between 25-45 and Elders (55 and over) living in Multnomah county (82%). If you missed this opportunity to provide input, sign up for NAYA’s eNews and follow us on Facebook and Twitter  to stay connected and learn about the work NAYA is doing and future community participatory opportunities.