CARES Business Grants FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply?
Application is now open. Click here to apply.

What if I have additional questions not answered here on the FAQ?
We’ve got you! Please send us an email at and we will respond within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.

What information should I gather for my grant application?
Please have these items on hand when you’re ready to apply:

  • Confirmation of active State of Oregon Business Registration status
  • Your Portland Business License info if your Oregon state business registry address is not in Portland
  • 2019 annual gross revenue – how much you sold in 2019
  • Your best estimate of revenue loss due to COVID-19
  • Number of employees
  • Years in business

If I already applied for Prosper Portland’s Small Business Relief Fund but did not receive funding, do I need to fill out a new application for the NAYA business grant?
Yes. We specifically designed the application to be very similar to keep things simple for the applicant. However, with slightly different priorities and criteria the NAYA Block Grant process is different and therefore does require submitting a new application.

If I already applied for Prosper Portland’s Small Business Relief Fund and received a grant, am I still eligible to apply for the NAYA grant program?
Yes. As part of our ranking of applications, we will be taking into account which businesses have received support already through Prosper Portland’s SBRF, however we would still encourage all eligible businesses to apply. Note: Businesses who apply and receive funds from both the SBRF and from NAYA’s grant program are eligible for a maximum of $25k in combined funds.

Why are you prioritizing people of color?
Due to a history of discriminatory legislation and social practices, Native entrepreneurs and other communities of color have been disadvantaged in their ability to build wealth and develop a network of resources to fall back on. These funds are open to applicants across multiple demographic categories; we are simply noting this priority as an important consideration.  All small businesses that meet the eligibility requirements will be considered for access to these funds.

Are commercial property owners and franchises eligible?
Yes, commercial  landlords  and franchises/businesses with multiple locations are eligible.

Are nonprofits eligible?
Some nonprofits are eligible, specifically those that act as social enterprises (meaning at least 90% of the organization’s activities are funded by revenue from goods or services).

I qualify for unemployment but have not received notice. Will this affect my application? Am I eligible?
If you are a business owner (including sole proprietors, freelancers, independent contractors) and qualify for unemployment benefits, you still may be eligible for this grant opportunity.

Will I need to provide any backup documentation as part of the application?
No. We’d like to keep this application as simple as possible. However, we will be working with many recipients to track the spending of these grant dollars to provide helpful data to report back to Prosper Portland and City Council.

My business is registered to an address outside of Portland but I sometimes sell in the city of Portland. Am I eligible?
You might be! If you have an active city of Portland business license you may still be eligible. If you do not have a City of Portland business license and your business is registered outside Portland, you should still apply; there will be a spot to notate this in your application. While we might be unable to disburse funds through this particular block grant, if your application ranks highly we may be able to access different funding streams to support your business.

How do I calculate gross revenue?
Your gross revenue is your total business sales BEFORE any deductions. For example, if you sold a dress for $100 then your gross revenue is $100.

I can’t find a field to enter my 2019 gross sales; what should I do?
The application does not ask for exact sales figures. You will need to know if your gross sales were below the $5M eligibility threshold and you have experienced a decline in your revenue since March 1, 2020.  If your application is selected, you may be asked for verification.

How do I estimate my decline in revenue?
At the time of application, you only need to estimate the percent by which your sales have declined since March 1, 2020. If your application is selected, you may be asked for verification, in which case you can use your best judgment to estimate how your revenue was impacted by COVID-19. You could:

  1. Compare your sales from March-September this year to your sales from March-September last year
  2. Compare your actual sales to your projected sales

If I had to lay people off am I disqualified for this grant funding opportunity?
No, applications are scored on a variety of elements, including business vulnerability, adaptability, and the impact of COVID-19 on the business.

Is the application available in other languages?
No. Our application is only available in English at this time. If you need assistance translating (we have resources for several languages) please contact us at

Why does eligibility not apply to businesses that were not operating prior to December 31, 2019?
These grants are designed to support businesses that have demonstrated experience with their business operations over the last year.

Do I have a better chance if I submit my application as soon as the process opens?
No, this is not a first-come first-served process. Submitting your application earlier will not increase your likelihood of receiving funds.

I am a freelancer/independent contractor/“solo-preneur.” Am I eligible for grant funding?
If you were in operation and in compliance with the State of Oregon registration requirements on or prior to December 31, 2019 you may be eligible for funding. Businesses operating under the owner’s own name are not required to register with the State of Oregon. For more information visit the Oregon Secretary of State website under the question, “Are all businesses required to register and use an assumed business name?”

If I own more than one business, will I be eligible to receive a grant for each business?
You should submit a separate application for each business. Each business is eligible for one grant, and each business is evaluated separately.

I need to make a change to my application. What should I do?
At the end of the application, you have the chance to review your answers and go back to change them before you submit your completed application. If you made a mistake or are dissatisfied with your application responses, we recommend you resubmit your application; our selection team will use the most recent submission if multiple submissions are completed.

Would relocation costs be an eligible use of grant funds? For example, we are currently renting space in a commissary kitchen that may close.
Yes, if the relocation costs are business expenses as described in the example above.

My husband and I own our business, but I have been the sole operator for the past 10 years – does that qualify for the “woman owned” category?
Yes, that qualifies as woman-owned.