NAYA condemns anti-Asian bigotry and violence in Portland

NAYA condemns anti-Asian bigotry and violence in Portland

The Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) wishes to extend this message of solidarity and support to our Asian-American relatives in Portland. NAYA further condemns recent incidents of anti-Asian bigotry, bullying, harassment, and violence in our community.

In this past year, our city has seen long overdue conversations about racial and social justice finally come to the fore. We have stood together—often quite literally—to demand an end to the systemic racism that continues to divide our community. And while there have been some advances to this dialogue worth commending, it is beyond disturbing to witness the recent uptick in violent incidents targeting Asian Americans here.

It is incumbent upon each of us to take active, anti-racist measures to combat ignorance and anti-Asian bigotry. As our friends at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon asserted in their statement denouncing recent racist incidents fueled by hate speech and violent rhetoric, “Words matter.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have witnessed the predictable progression of growing anti-Asian racism as it has escalated from willful ignorance into harassment, vandalism, and violence. As allies, we must confront all incidents of racism within our families, social circles, and public systems and make it clear that hatred has no place in our communities.

Finally, NAYA extends prayers of healing to those whose safety and livelihood have been harmed by these recent incidents. The Native community stands with you.