KEEP graduates first cohort of parents

KEEP graduates first cohort of parents

After 16 weeks of training, foster and kinship parents from The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (Grand Ronde) graduated from the first NAYA KEEP group on November 25, 2020. KEEP was designed in partnership with the Oregon Social Learning Center to lessen foster youths’ trauma by providing foster parents with much-needed culturally specific information designed to promote child wellbeing and work to prevent placement breakdowns.

On their last virtual meeting and graduation day, parents were able to share their experiences and feelings throughout their time in the program. “I’m very grateful for this program because it has empowered me to help my children,” shared one. “This is the best support group,” said another. “I’m so happy to have met people with similar experiences.”

During the closing ceremony participants were gifted with ceremonial songs from a local community drummer. They were also offered a few words from Kristi Petite, Grand Ronde’s director of children and family services and NAYA Director of Family Services and Oregon State Representative Tawna Sanchez.

This celebration marked the completion of the very first culturally specific foster parenting support skill enhancing and education program. “I have learned many tools that have helped me with my kids, thank you,” said another graduate at the program’s conclusion.

Names omitted for the sake of each family’s privacy. NAYA KEEP Groups and recruitment are led by Andres Chavez and Angel Oliver. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more please complete the interest form.