Generations, ECA Luncheon and Legislative Day of Action

Home at Last for Foster Families and Elders

The Generations Grand Opening February 28th was an inspirational moment for our community. Generations forty unit housing development in the Lents neighborhood  provides affordable, inter-generational housing for foster youth and Elders, like resident Carla Daniels, who shared her story with us. Carla raised her seven children in a home smaller than her new unit, and she shed tears several times thinking of her excitement about being able to connect culturally with neighbors and about giving back, now as an Elder, to her new intentional community. We celebrate with Carla and the newly formed community of foster families and Elders who now call Generations home.
We extend a special thank you to the emcees  of the Grand Opening, Guardian Real Estate’s Angela Guo and Alecia McConnell, and to speakers City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Mayor Ted Wheeler and the representatives for US Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer. Click here to see photos from the event.

Celebrating Student Success
The ECA Luncheon

On Wednesday April 26th 2017, NAYA will host the 8th annual Early College Academy Luncheon, and we invite YOU to join us! NAYA celebrates the success of our onsite high school and profiles students who overcome significant challenges, thanks to the ECA’s integration of culture and traditions in our classrooms and wraparound services.  Our students, who are 93% people of color,  are given the culturally-specific supports that help them achieve their goals, graduate, go to college, and become successful community members. Join us in April and support our students by becoming a sponsor or buying your ticket today!
Did you know that less than half of Native American students in Portland Public Schools graduate on time? Addressing this alarming trend  is the driving force behind our high school. When youth feel proud of their heritage, aware of their traditions, and are connected to the community, they are more likely to thrive in high school, college and career.The ECA is successful because we teach culture.

Indigenous Advocacy and Leadership

The NAYA Fam, including six of our high schoolers, two LEAD members, NAYA community health workers, NAYA leadership and more headed down to Salem last week for NAYA’s first Legislative Day of Action. Participants talked about the learning process they went through of how to prepare for meeting their Representatives, and what to say as a community member. They reported feeling like accessing Representatives is something they can do again.
ECA youth and NAYA staff gave personal testimonies on how important Tribal Literacy Senate Bill 13 is to them. The Bill would mandate accurate and culturally appropriate Oregon First Peoples’ curriculum in Oregon’s K-12 schools. NAYA pushed for several other bills as well, including LC 1408, which would incentivize healthcare organizations to fund culturally-specific Traditional Health Workers, House Bill 2004 on tenant protections, funding comprehensive transportation improvements and funding the promises of Measure 98. Representatives warmly welcomed the NAYA Fam, most of them learning about NAYA for the first time. One representative even promised to vote yes on SB13!
Participants had lunch with NAYA’s own newly elected House Representative Tawna Sanchez, went to the House floor to shoot some selfies and talked about how maybe they should become Representatives too one day.