New Journey Shaped by Indigenous Values

New Journey Shaped by Indigenous Values

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NAYA leaders advocating for the purchase of the current site, while building assets and opportunities for Portland’s Native community.

Today is my last day as a NAYA Family Center employee, but not as a member of our community.

I am so blessed to have my professional and cultural journey shaped by such a wonderful organization. I was introduced to NAYA in my early 20s when it was still located on N. Mississippi Ave. I immediately knew there was something special about NAYA when I entered the building for the first time. There was a positive energy and culture clearly present and vibrant in the youth and staff in the building.

NAYA has been a part of some of the most defining moments of my professional and personal life. My cultural worldview has changed from being linear to circular and more relational thanks to our service model, and the community that thrives here. We’re so much more than an organization whose holistic programs improve the lives of thousands. We’re also a leadership pipeline and a family.

NAYA taught me how to be a leader, and not just a supervisor. I’ve seen NAYA develop many dedicated leaders who are now improving our region’s political, philanthropic, economic, and educational landscape.

I may be leaving NAYA Family Center’s walls, but its spirit and my lifelong friendships travel with me and will be guiding my vision.

Thank you to all the incredible supporters, staff, teammates, board members, partners, donors, and volunteers who have shaped my wonderful experience. I will continue supporting the incredible work that happens here in perpetuity and I hope you do as well.

Hasta luego,

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Oscar Arana



the best team ever

Oscar led a lot of hard work fundraising, but the team had a lot of fun too!

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2010, Oscar was able to support and enjoy a NAYA Gala event before becoming the Development Director in 2012. During his tenure, NAYA Gala proceeds increased to fund the many programs and services needed for the Native Community.


Sweater vest days in the office!