Tell PPS Board to Support Generations!

Tell PPS Board to Support Generations!

Generations is an innovative housing, early learning, and community center project that will be built in the Lents neighborhood. It’ll be the first of its kind in the nation.Please contact PPS board members today and ask them to keep moving the project forward by telling them to support educational equity. And join us on Tuesday, May 5th at the Portland Public Schools Board meeting (501 N. Dixon) at 6 pm.

PPS leadership and board members have partnered with us on this project since 2012, signing a Declaration of Cooperation along with dozens of other partners. Next week, PPS Board members could decide the fate of this project.

We need you to contact the PPS Board and tell them that you support early learning equity.

Email Them Now:

Less than half of eligible Native children access early childhood services, which lowers their ability to get a head start on their education. Right now, 47% of Native students graduate PPS on time, the lowest of all race/ethnicity. Generations will increase student success. Watch this video to learn more about Generations.

Please join us on Tuesday May 5th here at NAYA at 4:30pm. We’ll be making signs, sharing a meal, then busing down to PPS to tell the school board: “Support Generations and its Early Learning Academy!”

Help us hold PPS Board members accountable and prevent this project from being jeopardized. Thank you for supporting our work.

Action Agenda

Tuesday May 5th

4:30  – Arrive @ NAYA (5135 NE Columbia)

5:15 – Depart NAYA

5:45 – Arrive at PPS (501 N Dixon)

6:00 – Provide Testimony

7:00 – Return to NAYA

Community Support

merk-pull“Caring for each other, we learn from and respect one another… from generation to generation, our elders cherish our youth who in turn honor their elders.” – Ruth Jensen, Tlingit

“NAYA is a vital part of addressing the social and educational disparities facing the large and vulnerable population of Native Americans in Portland.” – Joe Finkbonner, Lummi, Executive Director, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

“NAYA serves Portland’s urban Indian population in many vital ways, from our precious youth to our respected Elders. We are blessed to have this resource here, to ensure our people continue to thrive for generations to come.” – Paul Lumley, Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

“The leadership of Bridge Meadows supports the Generations project, because we have already seen that the Native American community has a great need for intergenerational services and particularly for culturally-relevant services in this area. The potential for bringing about lasting improvement in the community and the lives of people of all ages are undeniable.” – Dr. Derenda Schubert, Executive Director, Bridge Meadows

“The Generations project is a clear and thoughtful strategy to implement the shared vision of a culturally-informed intergenerational community that will educate and uplift foster children, the Lents neighborhood, and the local Native American community.” – Carole Smith, Superintendent, Portland Public Schools

“NAYA is a critical resource for every member of Portland’s Native community, from our esteemed elders to our youngest children. Giving to NAYA is an investment in a healthy and vibrant Native American community in Portland.” – Eddie Sherman, Former Executive Director, Oregon Native American Chamber of Commerce


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