2019 Auction

Thank you to all those who participated in our 2019 Silent Auction!


Owl the Seer

Owl is revered in several Native cultures. For the Cowlitz people of southwestern Washington, owl is a night seer and able to cross the worlds of the living and the dead. She is respected for her wisdom and the clarity of her vision.

This pair of silkscreen prints is a charming example of owl in flight, in bold complementary blue and brown. Donated to NAYA by art collector, Barbara Kim, we are happy to offer these prints to you today.

You’ll take home: Two framed silkscreen prints, signed and numbered.

Thank you to Barbara Kim.

Coushatta Style Pine Needle Baskets

Take this dynamic duo of beauties home with you, today! These two little baskets are finely woven using delicate pine and waxed raffia thread. The Coushatta reservation is located in southeastern Louisiana, and these baskets are likely from this are. This technique uses needles from the long leaf pine tree (Pinus Palustris); finding them is a challenge, and making them takes time, so these lovely examples of the work are small treasures, indeed. The lidded basket is decorated with a small pinecone from a short leaf pine, per tradition.

You’ll take home: Two finely crafted pine needle baskets.

Thank you to Lynn Ward.

“Voracious” by Peter Boome

Upper Skagit tribal artist Peter Boome works in a wide variety of mediums including; printing, carving, painting, glasswork, drum making, leatherwork, feather work, and more. “Voracious,” is an especially playful example of Boome’s work, and it’s a crowd pleaser!

You’ll take home: An authentic Peter Boome print, signed and numbered (36/100) by the artist.

Thank you to Paul Lumley.

The Music Maker

Nothing is more fun that a singalong jam with friends and family!  The Music Maker package features a hand painted Cedar Mountain drum, paired with a simple flute from the artisans at the Singing Tree. Together, they are great first instruments for folks who want to lift their voices and sing. Somebody break out the tambourine!

You’ll take home: A beautifully-crafted, signed, cedar wood flute and hand-painted drum from Cedar Mountain Drums.

Thank you to Cedar Mountain Drums.

Antique Native Alaskan Coiled Basket

You see before you a very nice, 10.5” antique Alaska Native coiled basket. The material is speculated to be of Sea Grass, and the design of dyed seal gut. This basket is made of moderately sized grass coils, and nicely decorated with dyed seal gut stripes woven in geometric patterns. The basket is in good shape, and will make an excellent addition – or kickoff – to your collection.

You’ll take home: An antique Native Alaskan coiled basket.

Thank you to Jan Holt.

Precious Prints

Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia was an American impressionist, painter, sculptor, composer, actor, director, designer, architect, jeweler, and lithographer. Described as “the world’s most reproduced artist”, DeGrazia is known for his colorful images of Native American children of the American Southwest and other Western scenes. His work appears in the Getty Museum.

You’ll take home: Two framed vintage prints, signed by artist.

Perfect Complement

Gorgeous shell and turquoise beads and stones are the perfect complement, and this stunning necklace and earring set by artist DezDarius Barney, couldn’t be prettier. This classic duo is a versatile collection that will always be fashionable.

You’ll take home: A 13” turquoise and shell necklace with matching turquoise earrings.

Thank you to Ann Takamoto.

Antique Hopi Pot With Contemporary Complement

A beautiful traditional and antique Hopi vase still carries the smoke of a distant fire, where it once was kilned. Paired with a contemporary vase with a delicate leaf and tie, these two make a beautiful display piece for any office or home.

You’ll take home: One signed antique Hopi pot and one signed contemporary pot.

Thank you to Lynn Ward.

Southwest Sunset

Reminiscent of a southwestern sunset, the bold and vibrant colors of this necklace will illicit visions of rocky mesas and open skies. Inspired by the “Red Mesa” style traditionally seen in Navajo rug work, the striking design of this necklace is meant to resemble the intricate geometric patterns produced by the most skilled of weavers. Paired with these dazzling drop loop earrings in complementary red with porcupine quill accents, this latest edition to your collection is sure to be a showstopper!

You’ll take home: A traditional Navajo rug weave necklace and a pair of complementary drop earrings.

Thank you to Lynn Ward and Nichole Maher.

Lummi Star Shawl

Before you is a perfectly made Fancy Shawl, hand-crafted by weavers of the Lummi Tribe. Fancy shawl dancers are often said to resemble butterflies. The shawl that gives the dance its name—a fringed, colorful, often beaded or appliquéd adaptation of the traditional women’s blanket—extends over the length of the dancer’s “wingspan.” Being light on one’s feet is a must and balance and symmetry are more esteemed than fancy moves.

You’ll take home: A traditional red dance shawl with star pattern, hand-woven and embellished by Lummi Weavers.

Thank you to Laura Fallon-Burns.

Gold, Turquoise and Cedar Bead Jewelry Set

This delicate necklace and earring set was donated by the grandmother of the NAYA Family Center Board Chair Eddie Sherman.  Emma Becenti is in her late 80s, lives in Monument Valley, and loves Oregon. Emma makes Cedar necklaces, such as the lovely example you see before you tonight. This necklace has been restrung to strengthen its infrastructure, and has been finished with 14 carat gold accents.

You’ll take home: A gold, turquoise and cedar bead necklace with matching earrings.

Thank you to Emma Becenti.