Head Start

Head Start

Head Start is a free preschool (pre-Kindergarten) program for eligible children. NAYA Head Start Programs incorporate Native American cultures, traditions, and the NAYA core values of respect, balance, pride, giving, community, tradition, kindness, accountability, diversity, and leadership. Children receive an excellent preschool experience, and families receive assistance and information for health and social service needs. Head Start encourages parent involvement at all levels. Children appreciate parent involvement most of all!

How does a child qualify for Head Start?
These eligibility requirements vary by provider; this is a general snapshot. Contact specific providers for their own requirements.

Age: must turn 3 by September 1st for that school year
Income guidelines: must be at or below 100-130% of Poverty Level (most are 100% or less of FPL) or qualify for TANF, SSI or ERDC
or Child has/is one of the following (sometimes with income qualification):

  • A suspected or diagnosed disability (IFSP individualized family service plan or MECP Multnomah Early Childhood Program)
  • Homeless (including living doubled up with other family, living in RV, campground, shelter, car, park, public spaces or substandard housing)
  • Foster Child

Enrollment is based on a points system that assesses a child’s need for the Head Start services; children with highest need tend to be served. Each provider’s criteria for points vary; contact the provider to get their specific criteria

Program Goals

We prepare children for school by focusing on early childhood care and education and teacher development.
We promote economic opportunities for families and communities by providing services to families and communities that support the workforce and, in turn, state and local economies.
We partner and collaborate by reaching out to state and local service providers and key stakeholders.
We practice inclusiveness by embracing children and families’ cultural uniqueness for the richness that it brings to services and communities.

Assistance with transportation may be available. Contact program staff for additional information.

NAYA Family Center currently facilitates enrollment in two different Head Start Programs. One in Gresham, and one in North Portland (Applegate).

Applegate (North Portland) Location

Classes run Monday through Friday; 8:45-11:45

7650 N Commercial Street, Portland OR, 97217 (map)

Transportation: Not available

Applegate is a partnership with Portland Public Schools. Learn more about this location.

Inclement weather information available here.

Gresham Location

NAYA Head Start in Gresham is at full enrollment but is still accepting applications for eligibility. Click Here to Learn More

Classes run Tuesday through Friday 12:00-3:30pm

2727 SE Anderson Rd, Gresham 97080 (map)

Attendance Voice Mail – 971-258-1689

Transportation: School bus Pickups at 11:00AM at NAYA Family Center, 11:25 at Gateway Fred Meyer (SW Corner by bottle deposit) and 11:50 at Gresham Safeway. Dropoffs at Gresham Safeway at 3:52, Gateway Fred Meyer at 4:20 and 4:45 at NAYA Family Center. School Bus Cell Phone – 503-359-3391

Inclement weather information available here, or call (503) 570-1115  x 2207

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