Chxi San playgroup

Chxi San playgroup

Chxi San is a Chinook Wawa word meaning “New Day”. Positive Indian Parenting, the model and conceptual basis for Chxi San, was created and developed by the National Indian Child Welfare Association. Chxi San is a community oriented playgroup for parents and their children, pre-birth through age five, that creates a nurturing circle of care through culturally focused, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate play in a structured environment.

In the following play areas, parents and children learn that:
Manipulatives and Village Making – promotes speech and language development;
Dramatic Play – promotes speech and language development, imagination and creativity;
Storytelling – encourages and models imagination, creativity, speech/language and social skills;
Art & Fine Motor – promotes thinking, problem solving, cognitive and fine motor development, imagination…;
Infant Nest – promotes sensory development of sights, sounds, and texture;
Chxi San – promotes Positive Indian Parenting and experiential learning through play in a safe and supportive environment.

We welcome and encourage community, elders and kin to join parents and their children in the playgroup. We also provide healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate snacks during playgroup.

No charge to participate. Check out the web calendar for upcoming dates.

All play dates below are from 10am to noon — except Friday, June 1st, which ends at 1pm.