Free business training & coaching for the native entrepreneur

Program overview

Whether you are just starting to think about a business idea, or you’re already running your small business, it’s never too late to access our services. NAYA’s microenterprise program offers:

  • 8-week Indianpreneurship class
  • 3-years of one-on-one, periodic personalized coaching to meet your business needs
  • Support developing your business plan/establishing and growing your business
  • Access to financial literacy classes
  • Vending opportunities at NAYA’s marketplaces and other locations
  • Connections to NAYA’s holistic services and programs


ONABEN (Our Native American Business Network) created this culturally specific course to guide entrepreneurs along the path of small business planning using storytelling.

This small business planning course is for Native entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. Students graduate this course one step closer to their dreams of business ownership with a written business and marketing plan, plus the skills and confidence to accomplish their entrepreneurial goals.

Individual Coaching

There will be one-on-one coaching provided to include questions, suggestions and review of the business plan. We will go over all financial statements and assist with other issues as they come up. There is no time limit on coming in for coaching. We will work with those that would like to update an existing business plan.

Micro Enterprise IDA spots are available

We have a few spots left for our matching funds for our Small Business Program. The IDA will match 3:1 to be used for your small business start up.


OUTCOMES: Develop a business and marketing plan for your business

IDEAL CANDIDATES: Applicants can be in any stage of creating a business

TIME COMMITMENT: Time Commitment: Two hour class for 8 weeks; Minimum one meeting per month with your Microenterprise Coach

COST: Free