Micro Enterprise

Micro Enterprise

“Everyone who is successful must have dreamed of something.”

Small Business Class

The NAYA Family Center will hold its next Small Business Class in the spring. Please check the website for more details.
NAYA’s Micro Enterprise Program receives generous support from the Portland Development Commission


 Lessons of the Redwoods

redwoodsThe Redwoods of Northern California grow up to 350 feet tall. Even though they grow to that height, they have very shallow roots and at times the roots grow on top of the ground.

The reason they are so strong in even the worst winds is the interconnectedness of the roots with each other. The Redwoods hold each other up. Another interesting thing about Redwoods is the fact that they don’t get nutrients from the soil. It rains so much in Northern California where they grow that the nutrients are leached out of the soil. The Redwoods get their nutrients from each other, from the fallen.

If we take the lesson of the Redwoods and apply to our families we can easily see that we can best move forward and be successful by helping each other. We can also use this illustration for the idea of networking in today’s business market.

Individual Coaching

There will be one-on-one coaching provided to include review of the business plan with suggestions and questions to think about. We will go over all financial statements and assist with other issues as they come up. There is no time limit on coming in for coaching. We will work with those that would like to update an existing business plan.

Micro Enterprise IDA spots are available

We have a few spots left for our matching funds for our Small Business Program. The IDA will match 3:1 to be used for your small business start up.