ECA Luncheon

ECA Luncheon

Celebrating our Students’ Success!


On Wednesday, April 25th 2018, NAYA will host the 9th annual Early College Academy Luncheon, celebrating the success of our high school students.  The Early College Academy emphasizes student empowerment and academic excellence. Our students are given the culturally-specific supports that help them achieve their goals and graduate.

Did you know that less than half of Native American students in Portland Public Schools graduate on time? Addressing this alarming trend  is the driving force behind our Early College Academy. Our Early College Academy students achieve success when they find their own motivation to learn. When youth feel proud of their heritage, aware of their traditions, and are connected to the community, they are more likely to thrive in high school, college and career. Our students succeed thanks to a community of dedicated educators and service providers who understand how our students can thrive academically and develop leadership skills.

The Early College Academy is the only high school in Portland delivering a culturally-specific curriculum for Native youth, with a student body made up of 93% students of color. We need your support to sustain the success of our school—and to pass that success on to our students. By sponsoring this event you will become a part of a network of support that touches the lives of the 40,000 Native Americans who live in Multnomah County and the surrounding areas.

Thanks to our generous, major sponsors:

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