NAYA’s Homeownership Program- It’s Good To Be Home!

NAYA’s Homeownership Program- It’s Good To Be Home!

Celebrations are in order for NAYA community members, Homeownership Program participants and recent homebuyers Elisha Big Back, Isaac Gervais, Susan Towner and Brad Coupchiak!

Buying a home is more than a personal goal for many of us, it is a milestone in life that will impact our families for generations to come. NAYA’s Homeownership Program provides participants with the resources and tools to take this important life-step through classes, workshops and presentations by guest speakers and industry leaders.

This January, Elisha Big Back (pictured above, right) made that dream a reality and moved into her first home. Elisha shared her appreciation for NAYA’s Homeownership Program, as she gained confidence from the supportive learning environment. Taking classes with other community members showed her that she was not alone in the process of learning about buying a home. Community is a unique strength of this program. Many participants are already familiar with each other and can find comfort in knowing their fellow classmates may have experienced similar issues with housing in the past. Thanks to the support of her community, her mentors, and the NAYA Homeownership Program, Elisha is now a proud home owner!

Upon receiving the keys to her new home, Elisha wanted to laugh and cry all at once: “I have done everything that my mother wanted me to do. I worked very hard to make my dreams come true and I am humbled by the whole experience because my love for my family and for my community led to me achieving my dreams and if I can do it anyone can.”

In the coming years Elisha hopes her new home will provide her friends, family members and grandchildren, a great sense of security. Home means a warm place where family can come together for meals, ceremony and celebrations, and owning a home means family safety and stability.

Through individualized coaching, access to resources, financial wellness and homebuyer education, NAYA’s Homeownership Program helps participants buy their first homes. We are grateful to the Portland Housing Bureau, Oregon Housing and Community Services, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development who have supported this program. Thank you for believing in and investing in Portland’s Native community now and for future generations. In a city that is striving to address housing needs, stories like Elisha’s provide hope by showing us the power that community and education have in creating success.